You need to be able to file these returns quickly, accurately and professionally.  That is why you need Personal Property Pro.

bullet FAST - With the new Asset Import functionality, setting up your clients is simple, straightforward, and fast.  Once you have setup your client's general information, you can import their assets from any tax or asset software program that can export the asset data.  Time is money!

Doing returns in subsequent years usually takes JUST MINUTES.  Don't have any changes?  In three mouse clicks you will be printing out current year returns.
bullet ACCURATE - All of your data rolls forward year-to-year, eliminating the time consuming and error-prone hassle of filling out all or parts of returns by hand.
bullet PROFESSIONAL - Quality laser forms used for ALL counties in:
bullet Oklahoma - all 77 counties.  Substitute forms approved by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
bullet Texas - all 254 counties.  Main BPP form 50-144 approved by the Texas Comptroller's Office (800) 252-9121.
Now with virtually duplicate forms for Harris (page 1) Dallas and Tarrant counties!
bullet Florida - all 67 counties (with the exception of Citrus).
(Florida does not officially approve any form, but we have virtually duplicated the form from the state's website)

bullet Fair Market Value calculations for all counties in all states! New in version 5.0!
bullet Asset Import - If your tax or asset software can export assets into files, PPP can import them!
This makes it much easier to setup your clients/properties, whether they have 5, 50, 500 or 5000 assets.
bullet Optional Oklahoma County format for Form 901 page 1 similar to that county's form

Version 16.0 Goodies - You may need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (7.0+) to view sample returns.