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- Opening Screen, Client Selection, Preparer and County Information and Transmittal Letter

Opening Screen

Client Management

Preparer Information

County Information

Transmittal Letter

- Asset Import !

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Import Assets

Smart Category Assign

Ready to import!

Asset Import Online Help

Import from:
Lacerte, ProSeries
UltraTax, Asset Keeper
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- Oklahoma

Owner Information

Property Information

Asset Information

Asset Entry (OK)

Inventory (OK)

OK Preview 901 P1

OKC County 901 P1

OK Preview 901 P2

OK Preview 901-P P1

OK Freeport Exem.

- Texas (asset entry is similar to this)

TX/Dallas Owner Info
TX/Dallas Other Info
Dallas Asset Info
TX (Other) Asset Info

Asset & Inventory Categories
are based on the actual form used by the county selected if it is one of the largest 20 counties.  All other counties are provided a list of the 20 most common categories for assets & inventory used in the largest 20 counties.

Dallas Preview P1

Dallas Preview P2

TX (Other) Preview P1

TX (other) Preview ABCD

Asset Reports

(see below) 

- Florida (asset entry is similar to this)

Florida Owner Info
Florida Property Info
Florida P1 Preview
Florida P2 Preview

Asset Reports

(see below) 

- Asset Reports

Cross-Tab Summary
Generic (Grouped)

Generic Asset Report can be grouped first by Year then by Category or first by Category then by Year.  It can also print a simple asset listing (not grouped), sorted on either Year Acquired, Category, or Item Number.

- General (Database, Printing, About)

Manual Backup

Auto Backup




Print Return

Print Assets

Batch Print Returns!