These licenses are for Corporations, Partnerships & Franchises etc
Personal Property Pro Licenses for Tax Year 2023
- for Windows 7/8/10 and Servers 2008/2012/2016/2019

Plan Price Max # Clients/returns Max # Assets per Client/return
Lite $  150 1 25
Bronze $  200 1 50
Silver $  400 1 Unlimited
Gold $  800 10 Unlimited
Platinum $  1500 25 Unlimited
Diamond $ 2500 200
(plus $10 per client/return over 200)

 Installing on a single computer?  The above rate is your total cost (less the renewal discount if renewing by June 30th).
 Installing in a network environment (client-server same location)?  Add $150 for a 1-5 seat multi-user license or $300 for a 6-20 seat license.

 Renewal Discounts - 10% off the regular price if you renew by June 30th for the upcoming year using the renewal promotion code emailed to you. 5% off in July.


Step 1 - Choose your Plan
 You save 10% off your Plan if you renew by June 30th using the renewal promotion code emailed to you.
             * If Step 1 is the Diamond plan, select the TOTAL number of clients/returns needed: (increments of 20 over 200)


Step 2 - How many computers will be using the program?


Step 3 - Email Address to register for this license 


Step 4 - I have read and        to the terms of the Personal Property Pro License Agreement.
Promotion Code (if applicable)

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